6 Benefits That Digital Document Imaging Can Provide To Your Business!

Imagine yourself being forced to rifle through filing cabinets in search of an old folder with an important piece of document that you need to resolve a customer inquiry. Seems to be a nightmare; right?

Over 90% of all companies’ vital records and documents are on paper. While these documents are susceptible to all forms of loss or destruction, the majority of the companies don’t have adequate plans for recovery of their critical information and documents.  

However, scanning such documents and storing them in an electronic database can make document management much simpler and more efficient for the business. This is where digital document imaging comes into play. And to help organisations go paperless and make their document management system more easy and efficient, Tyrus Technologies has come up with the most reliable and affordable digital document imaging solutions.

When files continue to grow larger, copies proliferate and document management becomes expensive and time consuming, Tyrus Technologies’ digital document imaging solutions can offer the following advantages:

More Office Space:

Using prime office to store documents is costly affair. Digital document scanning can frees up office space as thousands of files can be stored on a single server rather than taking up space in bulky cabinets.

Better Data Security:

We all are well aware of the fact that hard copy information protection is difficult. While as scanned documents can easily be password protected, encrypted, and securely stored in the cloud. Not only you can also assign access levels to the users but also track all the files activity.

Improved Disaster Recovery:

Papers are vulnerable to fires, floods and natural disasters. Fortunately, digital document scanning offers enhanced disaster recovery as they can be easily backed up to tape, hard drive or protected electronically on cloud.

Saves Time and Money:

Now, you no more have to waste time looking through boxes and files to locate the file you are in urgent need of. With digital document imaging, you can easily access all your files and documents with just a single click.

Better Customer Service:

Digital document imaging empowers your company to locate and retrieve documents instantaneously. This helps in eliminating time delays, confusion, and misinformation which frustrate your company’s valued customers.

A Greener Planet:

Document scanning helps protect our environment. It not only helps us reduce the amount of paper we consume but also keep our already packed landfills free of paper waste. Fewer paper results in more trees. This ultimately helps in making the planet greener and air cleaner.

Now, that you are well aware of the digital document scanning benefits, why wait any longer? Connect with Tyrus Technologies today!

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