Document Scanning solutions & Digital document imaging

Turn your massive files into searchable digital images as Digital document imaging by Document Scanning Solutions

Document Digitization, also termed as document scanning, got introduced because it includes the methods of converting records and archives into digital formats, in a much organized manner, so that essential data and information can be used separately and conveniently when time demands.

For Tyrus Technologies, Digital Document Imaging has always been one of our core services because we have realized that in this era of technology advancement, Digital Document imaging of all your documents is the wisest decision to scale up productivity and free up resources. We offer a customized document scanning solutions to our clients and convert their paper-based data into valuable digital information.

Often organizations store documents for many years for various reasons. Document scanning solutions will enable organizations to face challenge such as misplacing, searching, preserving, miss handling, loss and theft. Digitized documents can be indexed and archived with easy and flexible Tyrus retrieval system. Organizations can initiate business process based up on the digitized documents rather than physical one. This will ease the document movement from place to place and save cost on storing and preserving them.

Highlights of Our Digital Document Imaging Services -

  • Identification of document types
  • Grouping of document by topic
  • Use of scanning mechanism based on document type
  • Managing the scanning and archiving process entirely
  • Identification of related users for access to the document archives

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