A Guide to Choose the Right Digital Document Imaging Service for Your Business

In this modern era, everything is going digital. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also aids in a productive workplace. By going paperless, organizations are enjoying all the benefits of the information age including reduced paper costs, fewer input errors, better distribution and access to information and excellent auditing abilities.

The key to making your office paperless is to opt for digital document imaging, i.e. to image-enable your document management system. This menacing term is nothing complex. It simply means turn documents into images and stores them in a way that makes them easy to retrieve when they’re needed.

Digital document imaging services are fast gaining popularity. With several document imaging companies in the market, it’s difficult to choose the right company. Hence, given here are a few things that you should consider while hiring a document imaging company.

Services Offered: Are you simply looking for scanning service or need documents to be made searchable too? Research and learn about the various services offered by the company. Does it only work with paper or can also accommodate older formats, e.g. microfiche? List all your needs to ensure that the company you select is capable enough to meet all your document imaging requirements.

File Organization: You may assume that the documents you gave to digital document imaging service will return it in the same way – organized and with proper conventions. But unfortunately, this might not be the exact scenario with many service providers. To avoid such frustrations, look for a provider that ensures your scanned documents are professionally organized and usable when returned.

Quality Level: A renowned imaging company should be able to control for quality, for you receive only high-quality scans, regardless the type and age of the documents you provide. In case, if they are not able to uphold the quality standards, the company should notify you in advance. This will help you decide, whether to archive to shred the document, depending on its necessity.

Turnaround Time: Ask your service provider for a project plan to know what you can expect from them. It should cover all the important variables, including turnaround time, scan quality and resolution, security measures to protect documents, file size, and storage.

Knowledge and Experience: Regardless of your industry, your business needs understandably differ. The service provider should be able to provide you customized solutions that fit your business needs and budget and not delivering one-size-fits-all service.

Customer Service: A good service can make or break your imaging experience. A company that value communication will let you know, in case any problem occur and ask you how to proceed – providing solutions and recommendations for each step, catering to your needs.

Why Choose Tyrus Technologies?

At Tyrus Technologies, we always ensure that your digital document imaging requirements are met at every phase. We provide our potential clients with a document imaging cost assessment and return on investment analysis, for our clients to make an informed decision. We pride in providing digital document imaging service that is second none. Come and experience it for yourselves.

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