Electronic Document & Corporate Records Management System

Tyrus Technologies offer Electronic Document and Corporate Records management solutions System In different sector like bank, government, hospital, insurance, IT, Manufacturing, TELECOM, University and many more.


Need of DNS and digitization in banks:

  •    Cost of managing and handling physical document is reduced.
  •    DMS provides a common platform for delivery as well as generation of documents.
  •    Customer centric operations with better information infrastructure enhance business.
  •    Standardizing workflow and access of document secures information of customers.
  •    Coordination of inter-departmental and branches across a demography can be achieved.
  •    Public and customer relationship flourish when administration is free from managing physical documents.
  •    Seamless compliance with regulatory body is attained without much operational cost.
  •    Customer and regional history helps in making positive business decisions.
  •    Logistic cost in handling large amount of document is decreased exponentially.


DMS and digitizaton needs in government organizations:

  •    Fewer resources deployed in management of physical document will result in better operations.
  •    Adhering to changing policies becomes easier.
  •    Historical documents can be saved in a central database which allows better governance.
  •    Trend and regional analysis can be made without going through the pain of accessing physical documents.
  •    Unauthorized access to important files can be restricted.
  •    Efficient workflow can be defined which will fuel the positive image internally and externally.
  •    Logistic budget in transportation of documents can be reduced exponentially.
  •    Compliance with law and other concerned parties will be achieved smoothly.
  •    Positive branding of the organization will directly reflect in economic growth of the country.
  •    Operational continuity in case of calamity can be maintained without any hassle.


Need of digitization and DMS:

  •    Overall document management cost is reduced.
  •    Physical space for storage of document can be converted into other business critical needs.
  •    Compliance with insurance and audit organization can be maintained without hassle.
  •    Better patient governance can be achieved by different doctors as the historical files can be accessed easily.
  •    Better access to patient files can help in research and development programs.
  •    Gaining a market edge by maintaining a patients and medical centric infrastructure.
  •    Less time and resources spared for administrative operations, in turn harnesses better internal and external relationship.
  •    Patient and doctor relation can be enhanced by limiting unauthorized access of documents.
  •    Branding of hospital image through historical milestones achieved can be portrayed.
  •    Clinical analysis of price, medicine and disease can be managed by electronic document database.
  •    Branding of hospital image through historical milestones achieved can be portrayed.
  •    Collaborating with various branches for smooth flow of document for all kind of patients.


DMS and digitizaton needs for insurance companies:

  •    Cost of handling documents is exponentially decreased.
  •    Plethora of document generated every day can be managed digitally and stored in a central storage platform.
  •    Easier access to documents throughout the demography.
  •    Pricing, product and sales analysis can be carried out without going through the pain of managing physical documents.
  •    Unauthorized access to the documents can be restricted.
  •    Workflow throughout various departments can be defined.
  •    Less administrative resources spared for physical document can be utilized in critical dimensions for business expansion.
  •    Policies for a particular region can be manipulated by analyzing the historic database.
  •    Physical storage space for document can be spared for other business critical needs.
  •    Gaining a market edge by exponentially reducing the processing time of claim and returns.


Need of digitization and DMS in IT companies:

  •    Operational optimization is achieved by cutting down paper use.
  •    Project and product details can be secured by restricting unauthorized access.
  •    Document flow and authorization can be governed seamlessly.
  •    Marketing and branding of organization can be done by accessing historical files without hassle.
  •    Pricing and delivery of related projects can be well managed with a well informed information infrastructure.
  •    Business continuity can be achieved without any documental hindrances.
  •    Collaboration with all departments will be maintained in a central storage platform.
  •    Document access clearance can be restricted.
  •    Compliance with governing authorities, taxation departments and auditing organization can be achieved without going through the pain of accessing physical documents.
  •    Authorized access of document is possible throughout the globe.
  •    Employees’ performance can be monitored.
  •    Client proposals and servicing is governed without any pain.
  •    Analysis of price and sales can be done from the data retrieved from the document database.
  •    Market performance of the organization can be monitored.
  •    Well informed decision and public relation boosts the image of an organization.
  •    CSR initiatives can be boosted without document complexities.
  •    Corporate events can be well managed without documental hindrances.


DMS and digitizaton needs for Manufacturing:

  •    Overall document management cost is reduced.
  •    Vital infrastructure drawings can be stored electronically which guarantees preserved storage for years.
  •    Unauthorized access to business critical like tenders and quotations document can be restricted.
  •    Compliance with financial as well as safety audit firms can be maintained easily.
  •    Smooth document flow between various departments ensures optimized operational gains.
  •    An environmentalist brand can be developed by cutting down the uses of paper.
  •    Optimized work flow can be defined to minimize the time wasted due to handling documents.
  •    Document related to design and infrastructure can be accessed by any authorized personal from around the world.
  •    Management of vendors and suppliers becomes easier due to reduction in document.
  •    External and internal liaison can be achieved smoothly.


Need of digitization and DMS in Telecom companies:

  •    Cost of handling physical documents is decreased.
  •    Customer centric operation establishes a positive brand image.
  •    Logistic cost in transporting documents is exponentially reduced.
  •    Compliance with law and regulatory body is maintained without any hassle.
  •    Unauthorized access of documents is restricted.
  •    Retrieval of an old file is just a click away.
  •    Business continuity in case of a merger or a calamity is ensured from the centralized data base.
  •    Workflow creation and management of various departments becomes an easier job.
  •    Lesser paper work implies better monitoring the customer usage and demands.
  •    Information regarding customer details can be well managed.


DMS and digitizaton needs for University and Research & Development Groups:

  •    Creation of document at the source can be optimized for better management.
  •    Regional analysis from the created document data base for students (and potential students) becomes easier.
  •    Worthy talents upbringing can be optimized for unleashing their full potential.
  •    Admission document access can be restricted for unauthorized personals.
  •    Internal departments can manage documents through well defined workflows.
  •    Alumni service and network can flourish within a well structured document data base.
  •    Research and development in the diversified field which requires data can be accessed through the central data base.
  •    Collages within the university can be managed centrally and efficiently with reduced paper work.
  •    Public relation with companies and banks can be maintained without hassle.
  •    Compliance with national and international regulatory body can be achieved without hindrance.
  •    Well maintained document data base results in well informed business decisions.
  •    Historical data regarding students’ performance and extracurricular activities will be well monitored.
  •    Fewer administrative work forces imply tapping better talents for research and developments activities.

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