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Our Document management Consulting Services

Only an expert can give an apt advice and only a major key player in the market; can give bang on Document management Consulting Services focusing on strategy, marketing, analysis and sustainability with a deeper perspective and which are data driven. Tyrus Technologies is not just a usual consultancy; we provide industry specific solutions, understanding all challenges and opportunities helping our clients solve complex digital marketing projects with high risk like a cinch. Avail our consulting services and experience the holistic perspective we bring to your project. We provide the services in 3 major digital archiving arena; Archival of Artifacts, Archival of Business Documents and Implication of RFID Solutions.

Archival of Artifacts

We know the industry inside out, reflecting the expertise in our consulting services. We know the challenges involved in archiving the artifacts and we provide premium solutions at your comfort zones. Our solutions are not just what to do and what not to do. We do in-depth analysis and research to bring in a data driven solution. Our digital archiving solutions will alter the financial, operational and strategic trajectory of a business for good. Our time and value driven approach, make sure to provide consultancy covering minutest details on the most aspects of digital preservation. The major challenges faced by digital archivers are; How to identify right artefacts for digital archiving? How to identify and maintain authenticity of digital archiving? What are the technology and solutions for long time preservation? How to provide easy navigation and use of metadata? What are the storage requirements? What problems can arise infringing the current copyright law? , well do not break your head over these questions, Tyrus can solve it all.

Our consultancy services are on archiving, records management and related business activities. We provide solutions in digital asset preservation, protecting, preserving and leveraging business operations and capital.

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