Document & Data Archiving Services In India

Get your documents and records in order by Data Archiving.

Data Archiving Services in India entails the maintenance of historical records and non-active materials, for the ease of access and use. Whether public or private, your Document and Data archiving function as an important resource for collective memory. However, simply keeping up with the number of information generated each day can be too much to handle. And this is when Tyrus Technologies come into picture.

If you wish to build or enhance your Document and Data archiving program in India, we have experience addressing an array of challenges. Big or small; complex or simple; analog, digital, or hybrid.

We will roll up our sleeves and provide the better, economical solution that works for you. Our experts carry flexibility, skill, and energy of cooperation to their work. Moreover, we blend better practices with advanced tools to perform our Document and Data archiving services in the trendiest of manner. With years of experience in this area, today we are not only archivists but brand activators who can extremely professionally fill the gap between people and their companies, communities and customers. Whether it be corporations, museums, creative companies, celebs, sports team or government organizations; we apply the most advanced and modern archival methodologies to gather and store your digital documents.

The Advantages That Can Be Gained From Our Digital Archives Are:

  • By making use of today's technologies, producing numerous copies of the same work proves less expensive and budget friendly.
  • Distributing the digitized copy to lots of people at a second's time is currently possible.
  • Preserving the work efficiently and relatively inexpensive can be done through digitization.
  • Arranging becomes simpler and search becomes a light game.
  • Easy availability on the tip of your fingers.
  • Developing a small version of otherwise large cultural and historical artifacts is no more a herculean task.

The Leading Steps Included In Our Digital Archives:

  • a) Digitization: This is simple method of converting analogue objects into digital form. For the new objects that do not have an analogue original but are digitally born, this action is replaced by the process of developing this object as it is.
  • b) Access: This not just means that the users can "see" an object - but firstly they should have efficient and intuitive resource discovery tools.
  • c) Long Time Preservation: The third part is assuring long-term preservation for digital objects - which ensures that digital objects developed in the past are available now and also later on. This not only means that the objects are physically unchanged, but additionally that they can be rendered and actually used.

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