Why Should You Install Document Scanning System In Mailroom?

An organization which lacks centralized document management systems spends their valuable time in opening and preparing mail for internal distribution manually. Due to the large volume of mail, there is often a probability of documents being misplaced, left in unsecured settings or not delivered on time to the right person. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, it’s time to gift your mailroom with the cutting-edge document scanning system.

Why Have Documents Scanned in the Mailroom?

In a mailroom where mails are opened, sorted and delivered manually, it goes through several people before reaching its intended destination. Inevitably, important information is often lost or damaged. Security is another important consideration.

Having your documents scanned at the initial stage itself, alleviated the several risks associated with it and also automates the document flow. It also ensures integrity, security and accurate delivery of mails.

Today’s mailroom manages more documents from ever. Coming from more channels and requiring quick delivery to downstream systems, demands an efficient flow of documents. These challenges can be addressed by document scanning system where information is captured from one document is further delivered via a secure channel and export the information to any downstream system.

Several Benefits of Installing Document Scanning System in Mailroom

  • Speed processing cycle times

Rapid scanning solutions, in-line data capture and document indexing and sorting help in reducing the processing time. It also helps to get the information in the hands which aids in faster decision making.

  • Reduce downstream exceptions

Superior image quality, automated validation of captured data and image manipulations ensure that the information is delivered to the downstream systems with utmost efficiency and promptness.

  • Lower operating costs

Superior quality document scanning systems reduce overhead expenses by capturing, extracting and sorting out documents. It also provides centralized setup and administration.

  • Create a Center of Excellence

Using document scanning solutions in shared environments has proven to help many mailrooms in reducing expenditures, increase accuracy and allowing employees to focus on more important tasks.

Tyrus Technologies offers cutting-edge document scanning systems that capture, classified, extract, validate and share information in the most secure and integrated manner. Our systems are ideal for today’s mailroom environment. They offer scalable and robust scanning solutions at the most competitive pricing.

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