The Contrast Between Data Back Up and Data Archiving

The differences between backup and archive are quite stark and very simple to keep in mind. Every company has needs to access and recover their data in the case of natural calamities or in the case of the legal process. Let’s take a look at the differences of data backup and data archiving and should have the discussion that which one has an upper hand? Which one is the best for your company?

What is a data backup?

A backup is a process that can be used to restore or retrieve in the event that your documents are lost or damaged. If a company suffers loss because of the failure of hardware, man-made mistake or natural calamities, a backup is very useful to restore your important data quickly.

What is a data archiving?

A data archiving is a process of storing historical documents which are stored well-kept for long-term retention and are used in the context of future. Generally, a data backup is a copy of a set of data whereas data archiving keeps original data which has been removed from its actual location.

Both data backup and data archiving are required for companies to keep company data safe as well as customer’s personal information. As we have already mentioned above that data backup is helpful and beneficial in the case of major documents loss as it permits your customers or client to restore their data quickly.

The data archiving process with data backup lessens the backup costs and lessens the headache of large amount data stored in your storage infrastructure. Data archiving not only restores your data quickly but also put it at the right place where you can easily access to your data and retrieve them.

A Tyrus technology provides a data archiving service in India would keep your documents safer and allow access to your data anytime and anywhere.

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