Let’s embark a campaign to save the environment by reducing the use of paper

Currently, the biggest problem in front of the whole world is “global warming” and the temperature of our planet is increasing at rapid speed. Some people believe it is not a big issue while others consider it is going to be devastating in the coming days. We must take some action before it gets bigger.  Majority of people believe they will not live to see the consequences, but what about the next generation including their children. The consequences of global warming may be beyond our imagination.

Let’s talk about paper. Do you know how much water is used to produce A41 paper of sheet or how many trees are used?  The problem is not that how much paper we use on daily basis but the problem is how much paper we waste in daily routine.

Below are some steps to save environment:

Look after trees:    

It is said that worldwide, the use of paper has risen in the last couple of years. The increased usage of paper gives a huge burden on trees. Many trees are uprooted which create many natural calamities such as famine, earthquake etc. It is a huge concern for our environment.  Trees play very vital role in environment. They absorb CO2 from the environment and produce oxygen and help human being on this planet.  We all together can eliminate the use of paper and save the life of trees.

Work on reducing pollution:

Paper manufacturing pollutes our atmosphere the most. Making A41 sheet of paper leaves lots of CO2 in the atmosphere and it’s dangerous. We should reduce the use of paper and go paperless.

Save water: 

Currently, the world is facing a heavy water crisis.  Worth-drinking water is a growing concern for all mankind and it is getting bigger. 1.5 cups of water are used to produce 1 sheet of paper. By going paperless, we can save the world’s water sources.

Tyrus technologies appeals all the government offices, which are heavily dependent on paper. Please go paperless and eliminate the use of paper because we have to understand that the earth has also the right to live pollution free. We all can live a safe life till our planet is safe.

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