Core Considerations Before Choosing An OCR Solution

Nowadays, there are many vendors of OCR solution you find in the market. What do you think? Are they indeed reliable? Let’s have a closer look at the OCR and what you should expect from the OCR.

(OCR) optical character recognition for an instance. Many OCR vendors in the market offers free open-source solution. At first sight it seems to be good choice especially, for developers who is running with a limited budget. Such solution is lacking many key characteristics.

How to choose OCR software?

Its brand reputation

At the outset, you should check your partner track record so far. It is the best way to choose your partner. Take your time to check the background, clients review, and its success ratio till date. Tyrus technologies is one of the best OCR solution company in india.


First of all, make sure that the solution you are going to select does it support the voluminous images and application format? Including JPG, TIF, PNG, PDF, and Microsoft office. Simply put, all the applications which are essential and used by businesses currently.

Sharpness and accuracy

If the document conversion is in question then it is difficult to sell your software with full confidence. And such businesses have to comply with government regulations. It must have 100 percent accuracy like the original one.


The way accuracy is critical for legal and healthcare organizations the same way data security matters. Businesses must have capability to convert and store sensitive information safely. The OCR vendors you are going to select must be careful of protecting client’s confidential data. They must offer guarantee to client’s documents.


Offering the latest technology is not enough but the prominent vendors must offer the outstanding services and support to their clients. Hire an OCR vendor who is always prepared to give your development team a helping hand during the integration procedure. They must be helpful to develop on a particular features to take your products ahead. The vendors must be partner in your success. Tyrus technologies is providing affordable OCR solution service in india.

By following these steps you get perfect OCR solution.

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