Cloud Document Management System—Is It Even Safe?

While the phrase ‘world is going paperless’ was tossed around long ago, it’s still far from being a distinct reality.

According to a 2015 market study, merely 17 percent of offices can be described as “mostly” paper-free. 31 percent of offices admitted of having workplace piled up with paper documents. What’s worse? 20 percent of businesses confessed their paper consumption is increasing significantly.

Even with all the benefits that are in line – right from reduced operational cost to quick and easy access – why are people still reluctant to have their workplace go paperless? Even when paved way by top companies, why aren’t more of them using cloud document management system?

Security Is A Big Concern

Some business owners are uncomfortable handling digital documents. However, the biggest concern for the majority of them is security.

How safe are their e-documents? How reliable is cloud document management system?

The concern is quite legit here, given the surging rate of cyber attacks. Number of reported data breaches rose to 1,093 in 2016 from 781 in 2015. While it’s already $400 billion, the annual damage costs of cybercrime is projected to cross the $6 trillion mark by 2021.

So yes, the concerns in regards to using cloud-based document management system and handling important data online are right on many fronts. On the flip side though, most of these fears spur out of misinformation and baseless claims.

Slaying The Myths

While it must not be declared factually, leveraging powerful cloud-based solutions to handle digital documents is highly safe. Millions of top brands are using them. If it wasn’t safe, would they be using these solutions in the first place? Exactly!

Indeed the number of cyber attacks has increased in recent times—but so has the cyber-security spending, which is expected to exceed $1 trillion mark by 2021. Top companies and cloud-based service providers have radically amped their security measures in recent times with extra layer of protection on the wheels.

Your documents lying around in your workplace are more likely to be stolen and misused as opposed to data managed on cloud-based solutions. Identity theft incidences increased from 13.1 million to 15.4 million in 2016 in USA alone.

The idea of paperless workplace is noble, convenient, and completely safe, even for small-scale businesses. All you need to do is find the right and reputed cloud document management system.

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