Document Scanning System for Bulk Document Scanning

Enhancing Productivity through Data Process Outsourcing!!

Data Capture is the process of identification and extraction of data from scanned documents. Document scanning system helps you in bulk document scanning. In today's competing world, it has become mandatory to possess perfect data to make informed decisions. Maintaining vital information in the form of documents or forms is no longer safe. It needs to be captured, organized and indexed; so that it can enhance the efficiency of workflow.

Thus, irrespective of your company size and type, Tyrus Technologies a leading company offer Document scanning system who help you in bulk document scanning in India, has the right solution to manage your enormous data in digitalized format. Though, Data Capture is a complex task which demands a lot of your precious time, we have the technique and strategy to make it a smooth process.

Highlights of Our Data Capture Services -

  • Capture information from paper documents, multimedia and digital content.
  • Read Information from inputs that can be scanned; like barcodes, QR codes, RFID chips.
  • Transform and deliver captured information into various systems: Document Management, CRM, ERP, MIS, etc.

Benefits of Our Data Capture Services -

  • Functionality - We don't simply transform scanned information. It can as well be used to extract critical business data from day to day documents
  • Affordability - Available as a standalone solution, our service can actually reduce the expense related to acquiring and supporting multiple product line
  • Accessibility - Design, implement and support your capture workflow from anywhere and at anytime

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